“nfs not responding…”

In my last post I described what can be possible cause of “nfs not responding…” message. Today I’m gonna describe another possible cause of this kind of messages. Each NFS server while serving content uses¬†nfsd threads to handle requests. And here is the thing – number of threads is set statically. So in case of … [Read more…]

High memory and hang task problem

Recently I came across issue when my system become unoperational and the only way to work around the issue was just to reboot the server. But what’s going on? My server is compute server which has NFS attached share. This share is used for large projects. The problem here was that after some time I … [Read more…]

Lets go back to IT roots…

Want to feel like really old-fashion IT guy? Or maybe you’ld like to go back for a minute to your IT childhood? Well….Ladies and Gentleman here is … Cool Retro Term It is the geekiest, nerdiest thing I ever seen so far. Just in a second you can turn your terminal into retro-style terminal. I … [Read more…]

Hello Performance World !

My very first post on this blog. You can expect here Linux related knowledge. Topics will be very mixed: services, configuration, bugs, troubleshooting. But the main purpose of this blog is to collect all information related to system performance.