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Are you trying to reconnect with a long lost family member? Are you trying to research your family tree? Searching birth records can be very beneficial to learn about important friends and family members in your life.  A birth records search can also be used to confirm a person’s real age.

What is Included in a Birth Record?

Birth records can include information that is found on a birth certificate such as a person’s full birth name, birth date, birth location, hospital where they were born, and the names of their parents. Even if a person has gotten married, created aliases, or legally changed their name a birth record will still show their given name at birth.

Knowing exactly when and where someone was born can be very helpful in tracking down your ancestors and establishing your family tree.  Also, many people choose to perform a birth records search to confirm a person’s age that they may feel is being untruthful.

Every state has different privacy laws allowing access to birth records in order to prevent identity theft, so you may or may not be able to access all of the details on a person’s birth record.

How do I Search for Birth Records?

OfficialRecordsUSA.com is designed to make your birth records search as simple as possible.  Simply enter the name of the person you are looking for in the form above to begin your search.  Remember, your search is 100% confidential.  The person you are searching for will not be notified.

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