PCS and pipes

Long story short: RHEL 7.3, PCS cluster with two node and LVM, DB and IP HA. What’s the issue? During moving one node to stand-by mode another randomly gets stuck during taking over LVM. I will not describe the whole issue nature. Instead I will describe my observations and steps. During moving node into standby … [Read more…]

Lets go back to IT roots…

Want to feel like really old-fashion IT guy? Or maybe you’ld like to go back for a minute to your IT childhood? Well….Ladies and Gentleman here is … Cool Retro Term It is the geekiest, nerdiest thing I ever seen so far. Just in a second you can turn your terminal into retro-style terminal. I … [Read more…]

Hello Performance World !

My very first post on this blog. You can expect here Linux related knowledge. Topics will be very mixed: services, configuration, bugs, troubleshooting. But the main purpose of this blog is to collect all information related to system performance.